You have nothing to worry about

Thursday, June 18, 2009
You have nothing to worry about

. . . nothing at all. We went to a soccer game last night: the Seattle Sounders verse DC United (which is a different team from Manchester United, very different). We arrived a little before half time, and watched as the Sounders blew a 2-1 lead to tie at 3 (or something like that).

Tomorrow my internets get an upgrade. I also have big plans to drop ethernet wires in more rooms as I'm sick of fighting the losing wifi battles (draft-N my left foot!). This involves crawling up into the attic, fighting large spiders and insulation monsters, and trying to avoid cutting unseemly holes in the walls--at least avoiding it when Doolies is watching.

Soon I'll be flying through the internets. Flying! This should improve the Horribles quality tenfold. Imagine, more bits on your screen, faster. I haven't exactly figured out how this benefits my overly large and thoroughly engaged internets audience. But somehow improving my video game playing and movie watching will indirectly benefit you, my dear readers.

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