europe: hours alone

Saturday, August 14, 1999

Waiting for Greg and Rosie to return from the Airport. I enjoy these hours alone more than when I’m with people, it seems. This morning I saw the Anne Frank House. Moving, inspiring, and yet relatively simple. They were doing major renovations, but I didn’t think it needed much more to be just as powerful. Simple views, simple words, and incredible situations, especially if they’re real, seem to inspire the best in people.

After Anne Frank’s house, we headed for a 30 min. walk (thanks to Rosie’s great map reading) to the Rembrandt museum. In there were 2 floors of his sketching and etchings—against, his house was being renovated, so I didn’t get to see it. After that, I wandered around the open flea market and then took to the streets.

I found this incredible fantasy (dragons and wizards fantasy…there are plenty of other, darker fantasy shops about) store. It had figurines of dragons, wizards, trolls, weapons, and jewelry. Truly a great find.

If and when they get back, we should be heading to the other museums.

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