Come here my sexy machine

Saturday, March 7, 2009
Come here my sexy machinedoodle

Battlestar Galactica, oh how you started out so incredible and became such crap by the second season. Doolies and I stopped watching it then. We loved the first season, somewhat enjoyed parts of the second season, and hated the rest. It murdered innocent old ladies. It did unspeakable things to polite society. It had such promise and squandered it by writers who forgot to plan ahead. The same thing happens to most animes: they start incredibly strong, but because they weren't well planned, they peter out and head in ridiculous directions. But at least BSG left us this Horrible.

It's snow-raining right now. This is by far the strangest winter. I had hopes that it would end well, with Spring sticking its colorful mug from the ground early. Hopes spring eternal, or something. For now I'll accept the snow-rain and get on with my day.