Dweller of Holes

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Doolies is taking Tiger to the bath. Dinosaur is asleep in his self-rocking swing. I made chicken fricassee again. I’m now exhausted. I was okay until we sat down for dinner. Then my sickness and long day caught up with me. Tiger was crying and Dinosaur was screaming, and I felt like crawling into a little hole somewhere. I’m better now. Still tired but no longer envious of hole dwellers.

I feel slightly better now. Tiger is sleeping and Doolies is off to Naginata. Dinosaur is sitting in the bouncy giving me a few minutes to finish these thoughts. I spent twenty minutes on my newest comic. I’m not sure I’ll finish it tonight. It may be a two-nighter. I should stop typing and get back to drawing.

Dinosaur is not going to let me finish tonight. That’s okay. I have the first two panels almost finished, and the third shouldn’t take too much longer.

Update: As you can see I managed to complete the comic. Dinosaur provided me a 30 minute window. He probably would have slept longer had I not grabbed a tissue out of the box. The resulting three millimeter fall of the box back to the table startled him. I spent the last hour walking around the kitchen trying to keep him calm. I do not think I'm in the running for any father of the year awards.

As to the comic itself, it's a drawing. And there continue to be words, even if it's only last panel words. Next time I hope to have words in at least two panels. And maybe even a second character.