Sleep Crossing

Monday, January 21, 2013

It’s been a long day. That sounded like a broken record. Tiger stayed home from day care today because of her sickness. Her cough was a bit better this afternoon but she went to bed again with a low fever. We’ll see how she is for school tomorrow morning. My sickness progressed a bit. I was coughing and voice-free for most of the afternoon. I’m also exhausted after a long day in work followed by a chaotic night at home. Now it’s slowed down a bit. I’m looking forward to a relaxing sleep, if that’s possible.

I’m drinking lukewarm water mixed with honey. Most of the honey is at the bottom of the cup as the water wasn’t hot enough to melt it. Does honey even melt? Hopefully this will ease my coughing, which has been ripping my throat raw all day.

I remembered a strange dream this morning. I didn’t write it down and I thought I would forget it by this evening as I do with most of my dreams. It’s still here. I decide to go over the border at Canada for lunch. I think it’ll be quick and I’ll be home in time for dinner. I see colleagues from work at the border. I’m talking with them as we wait in the line. We’re all inside a government building instead of the normal highway border crossing. It’s more like the Victoria border crossing but in a fancier state building.

When I arrive at the counter I realize I forgot my passport. I tell this to the officer, expecting and by this time wanting to return home, but she tells me not to worry. That since I cross so often she’ll find an imprint of the last time I used my passport, and it won’t take any time. She’s a friendly older lady and begins to chat me up.

I wait for thirty minutes while she searches through the records. By this time it is getting late and I don’t think I can cross the border, eat lunch, and return home in time for dinner. I tell her that. She sympathizes but tells me that the border officers put my colleagues in a holding room while my paperwork gets in order. I explain to her that I wasn’t travelling with them but only ran into them but she says it doesn’t matter. I’ll have to finish the paperwork and cross the border or they’ll be stuck in the room.

I’m across the border. I’m trying to find my car, but after my rushed border crossing I don’t remember where I parked. I’m in a parking lot that looks like the one around the stadium at the University of Washington. I’m wandering aimlessly but I don’t even know where to start looking. It’s growing later and later and I wonder why I even wanted to cross the border in the first place.

The dream ended when I woke up to feed Dinosaur. I’m not sure why this dream stuck in my head. Hopefully by putting it on this page it’ll free up some of the RAM for more interesting memories.

I did arrive home late today if you want to pretend the dream is prophetic. Not border crossing late, but later than usual give my relatively early mornings.

The honey water tasted funny. My stomach feels weird. Maybe I should try it with warmer water. Or better yet, skip the whole honey eating experiment. Maybe I’ll have another honey-infused yogurt. Better yet, a cup of ice cream will soothe my cough and throat. That usually does the trick, doesn’t it?

My stair walking continues to go strong. I’ve climbed 140 floors this week. Fitbit has a pie chart of active time. It appears that 73.4% of the time I’m sedentary. This excludes sleep. That sounds about right but never having thought about it in pie chart form, it also sounds scary. I’m only very active 1.2% of the time. I guess that’s what office work will do to you.

I had to charge my Fitbit last night so I wasn’t able to track my sleep. Still not sure why that data is useful except to tell me I need to sleep more. But I have it. And having data is usually better than not having it.

As you can see, I didn’t draw anything tonight. I had the best of intentions and figured that because of my tiredness it would be easier to draw than write. Once I got cranking on my dream transcription—however boring and mundane it was—the time flew by.

Doolies resupplied our apple juice so I replaced my nasty honey water with a glass of apple juice. Much more soothing for my throat. And tastier too.

Doolies found another hundred photos that I forgot to upload in the last photo album. I uploaded them to my computer but used the “last imported” folder instead of the album folder to cull. That means I included only our small camera photographs, but we took most of the photos with our large camera. I’ll rectify that over the next few days. I still have to cull them a bit before uploading. I know it doesn’t look like I cull, seeing as I upload one hundred plus albums, but I do. It’s difficult to cull photographs of your children. They’re all so cute in different ways. The best I can do is remove the blurry ones and hope you, my Dear Readers, understand.

I am still working on another update to It’s going along slower than I want given that I barely have any time to work on it. I expect to have something done in the next few months if I can steal five and ten minutes here and there throughout the week.