Furniture Move-in day

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Updated: I changed the title to reflect that we have not yet moved into the Villa. We're hoping to move in Friday or this weekend.

We received our furniture from Dallas, TX yesterday. It took the two movers most of the day to unload the boxes and the incredibly heavy baby grand piano from their truck. It will take me (and hopefully a few friends) the better part of the week to put together the furniture.

The furniture arrived in large boxes from the furniture store. Each box is filled with what seems a tons of packing materials, including plastic wraps, styrophome, and too-much cardboard. The furniture is mostly put together, much more so than typical Ikea furniture. Usually I have to add the legs or attach two large pieces. With the help of a friend last night, we finished the master bedroom, half of the living-room furniture, and most of the lobby. I'm hoping I can swindle another friend to assist tonight to work on the study, dining room, and (ambitiously) guest bedroom.

We forgot the camera yesterday, but we should have photographs of our progress tonight.