Periodic Elements

Thursday, April 10, 2008
Periodic Elementsdoodle

A while back, Doolies and I went over to our friend Scott's house to play Rock Band. This was our first time playing the game, and we had a great time. (We went for a second visit a few weeks ago.) Besides the three of us, we were joined by Scott's family. I concentrated on the bass, while Doolies, not surprisingly, did most of the singing. We created a tour group called the Periodic Elements, in honor of the lead singer's name of Phospherous.

While I keep promising to post photographs of the Villa, I can never seem to find the time to post (or take many) photographs. With the help of some awesome friends, we stayed in the Villa until midnight the past few nights putting stuff together and getting ready for our move in day. The house is shaping up nicely, and once the dog room is complete, we'll be ready to officially move in. It should happen by this weekend at the latest.