“Go with mommy or else . . .”

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

“. . . daddy will bathe you.” Yes, that’s the line I used on the Tiger a few minutes ago. I truly am a terrible dad. The mere thought of her daddy bathing her makes her run for the stairs.

I had to break up the dogs as they growled and barked during their dinnertime routine. They have a contest of wills each night as dog number two waits until dog number one to finish eating, and then beings the growling contest before dog number two runs to his dog bowl to eat his food. It’s as annoying as it sounds. Especially with the Dinosaur in the other room sleeping.

We made it back to our favorite sushi place tonight. We have not been there in a few months. We’ve been cheating on them with another sushi joint. It turns out that the new place was not as good as the old one (except for their yummy, yummy pumpkin fried rice). The old place is also less crowded with slightly better parking and a resulting lower stress environment. Yes, we eat out too much.

The good thing about eating out is that even with a slightly late bath time for Tiger, we should be finished and ready for anime much earlier than usual. We’re in the middle of yet another good anime, probably top two out of the last ten we’ve watched. We had our doubts in the early episodes, but the story picked up (and took a darker turn) and is developing nicely. It’s called Kemono no Souja Erin. I tried not to read the Wikipedia page as I don’t want to ruin the story. It was nice to see that there are lots of episodes still left for us to watch.

We continue to fight with our new heat pump. The heat pump guy returned yesterday and thought he found the problem. But last night the lights flickered again when it turned out, so we turned it off and returned to the old school furnace. Hopefully the electrician can figure out what’s causing the flickering. If he does he’ll be given the opportunity to run a magical Ethernet wire from the router in the study to our Xbox, which will make me very happy, as I hate watching the circle dance in circles as we wait for the buffer to fill up our Crunchyroll. (And if that didn’t make sense to you, don’t worry. You’re not alone. That’s technical jargon that I wouldn’t expect you, my Dear Readers, to understand. You need one of those advanced degrees and thick glasses. If you don’t wear glasses, just give up now.)

The Tiger was in an excellent mood today. I’m not sure if this is an apparition or a return to her normal state of being. We’ll see if it remains through the bedtime routine. Perhaps the two-year horrors from the last few days was the apparition brought on by the continuing crappy Seattle weather.

Still no moon sightings. Over the last few days it’s been too cloudy or tree-y to get a good view. I expect we’re missing the full moon peak. Ugh. I checked: today is the full moon and it is hammering rain out there. We’ll have a few more days of close to full moons. Hopefully the Tiger will catch some of it.

The Dinosaur continues his long nap. He’s closing in on two hours. Good for the little guy. Hopefully that won’t impact his sleep tonight. I didn’t catch enough sleep last night. The Naginata class knocked both of us out but did not let us sleep. The Doolies is complaining about a sizeable bruise on her leg that she blames on me. I did hit her repeatedly on the shin, but her bruise is way too high. My hits were on target. It must have been one of the other students.

I went upstairs to check on the Tiger. She’s finished with her bath and preparing for the drying of her hair and the brushing of her teeth. I read two books to her, gave her a hug and kiss, and she’s now with the Doolies who’ll put her to bed. At least I play some part in her nighttime routine. The Dinosaur continues to sleep. He kicked off his blanket but did not wake up. We’ll probably get him up soon to eat while we watch our anime.

Work has been busy and I haven’t as much time during the day to think about stuff. I like to do that: think about stuff when I have downtime at work. Okay, it’s time to watch anime. The Dinosaur still sleeps and the Tiger is safely in bed.