Babka Caper

Monday, February 25, 2013

Don’t tell the Doolies, but I’m eating the last sliver of Chocolate Babka. There was not enough to share with Doolies and the Tiger, so I decided to finish it tonight before trash day tomorrow. It’s for the good of the family. Man, that’s good.

I spent time today with Mind Mapping software to brainstorm an outline of my passions. It was a fun exercise. It’s only a starting point and I need to do more thinking and moving nodes around to feel comfortable that the design accurately represents my best thinking. But it’s a start.

The Tiger is beginning to grow into her two-year oldness. We had hoped that similar to the Dinosaur’s sleep magic, the Tiger’s magic would be to skip the bad parts of being a two-year old. That seems unlikely now. She’s not a terror but she is demanding to get her way and screaming and crying when she does not. We had so many plans to deal with that type of behavior: the ignore, the laughter, the teaching our child so she knows better. So far none of our techniques have worked well. We’re still hoping this was caused by not enough sleep and once she returns to schedule, she’ll bounce back to the happy-go-lucky and cooperative Tiger. All evidence, however, continues to point away from this as a possibility.

The Dinosaur is making noises in the other room. The Doolies went to work for the first time this afternoon. Our babysitter watched the Dinosaur, and he was up for the entire afternoon. Since we arrived home he’s been mostly asleep, except for a brief feeding period right before dinner was ready. He’s probably close to waking again. Let me peek in to see what he’s up to.

The Dinosaur was awake and ready to visit the Tiger and Doolies in bath time. The Tiger is now heading to bed and the Dinosaur is in the bouncy talking up a storm. Similar to the Tiger, he can say “hello” when prompted by imitating the noise of the word. The Tiger lost that ability once her teeth came in. He’s still tooth free but is starting to blow saliva bubbles, and I expect teeth are not far behind.

It was a nice day out there in the afternoon. The clouds cleared away and it rose to 50 degrees. The moon is almost full but the Tiger didn’t see it because it was behind the trees over the lake. Hopefully we’ll have more clear nights with better moon visibility.

The Dinosaur continues to hiccup as the dogs whine.

I removed evidence of the Chocolate Babka from my desk. It was very the yummy.