Happy sickness

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Tiger was sick today. She woke up with a fever over 102. Other than the fever she was fine. Weird how children can have such a high fever and otherwise act normal. If I had that fever I would be shivering and complaining mightily. I guess she doesn’t know what she’s missing: the opportunity to be babied and complain without feeling guilty. What could be better?

We kept the Tiger home except for two drives around town for her naptime. The first transfer did not take and required a second attempt. It was worth it as she slept for two hours while we were in Naginata.

The Dinosaur was his usual happy self. He slept last night until 5:30am. He’s currently sleeping in the swing in the kitchen. As I put him down, I knocked over one of the Tiger’s pots filled with plastic vegetables. The racket woke him and he required a few laps around the island to fall back to sleep. He’s sensitive to loud noises. They wake him when he’s sleeping and startle him when he’s awake. If it’s too abrupt or loud he’ll cry. He’s now swinging away in dreamland while the Doolies puts the Tiger to bed.

I woke up with a sore throat again this morning. It’s the same silly sickness that’s been hounding me for what feels like months. It’s not bad enough to cause any problems but it leaves me tired and slightly phlegmy in the morning. The tiredness may be unrelated to the sickness and just a perpetual state for me.

We planned to go to a museum this weekend. It does not look like we’re going to make it because of the Tiger’s sickness. Instead we plan to attend a Purim party tomorrow afternoon if the Tiger’s up for it.

Everyone in the house is sleepy. I was falling asleep entertaining the Dinosaur while the Tiger was bathing. The Dinosaur can hold himself up for a bit when you clasp one of his hands. Soon he’ll be sitting by himself. He’s officially three months old. It’s probably time to post more photographs.

I tweeted myself a fun activity the other day: determine what topics I love the most. I want to find a few that I’m passionate about and do something with that passion. I feel like I lack passion outside of work and home. I see people who delve deep into topics that they love, and I feel like I float above such topics. Maybe I truly am a many-trades jack, never great but never terrible. I do hope that’s caused by apathy and not a failing of passions.

I missed my 30-minute session yesterday. I was too tired and only wanted to sit in front of television before going to sleep. I did write the day before but it was in support of a silly story I started. I tried my hand at an action outline—i.e., an outline with only short action sentences for the protagonist. It worked okay. I didn’t finish the outline but I will and then try to turn it into a story of some sort. I don’t think I’ve ever wrote anything where I knew how it would end. I’ll try to remain optimistic even if my initial thought while describing the process was to indicate how terrible it would end up.

I saw a huge rainbow when I drove to pick up our take-out dinner. We had rain and wind storms most of the day until the sun started coming out in the early evening. It was still raining but there was a beautiful half bow over the highway. The colors were quite dark in the sky. It was difficult to keep driving with such a beautiful sight. But my hunger kept me focused on driving to the sushi restaurant.

I posted my last Horrible in the queue. I drew this one on Thursday when I stayed home from Naginata because our babysitter had to cancel.

I’m looking forward to sleeping soon. The rain and Naginata and the monsters sucked me dry today. Tomorrow is another day, I’m told.

The Dinosaur is awake and the Doolies is ready for anime time. I’ll leave it here.