If I only knew now what I'll know then

Sunday, June 3, 2007
If I only knew now what I'll know thendoodle

There was a lot of discussion about the title of this doodle between Doolies and my mother. They both think that the English is bad, that I should have titled it "If I only know now what I'll know then." I didn't agree and it remained the way I drew it. I know the grammar isn't right, but I was trying to convey the circular sense of time: the Little Guy is looking at himself in the past, and speaking as the past Little Guy about knowing the future. I couldn't quite wrap my mind around it, which is why I used the grammatically strange title.

Doolies didn't like my first version of the little, Little Guy. He was full sized with an extra large foot. I explained that the large foot is like the large head of babies. Doolies didn't buy it and I ended up redrawing him.