Lazy words

Friday, March 8, 2013

It’s late on a Friday night, the end of a busy week. The sun came out today and will hopefully stay out tonight. The Tiger is finally going to bed. We had a late Shabbos dinner, and she managed to procrastinate sleep for many hours and books. The Doolies is now putting her down and reading yet more books. The Dinosaur is in his bouncy chewing his fist and looking at the bouncy toys.

The Ethernet was installed on Thursday and I’m looking forward to watching Crunchyroll without buffering or changes in resolution. Or so I hope. We’ll see if this did the trick as I’m sick at throwing money at this problem. I don’t want to count how many wireless routers with different wireless standards I’ve worked through over the years trying to solve my Xbox problems.

Speaking of Xbox, the new Gears of War: Judgment is being released soon. I’m already planning how we’re going to play it while the Doolies holds the Dinosaur. It may take some elbow holding action to get it to work. There’s no Horde mode, but from talking to someone on the team, there’s something better: shorter but more intense. I can’t wait. I’m also looking forward to the Ethernet cord helping with the voice chat with Steven and reducing the lag. Even though he never complained about it, I expect it was not ideal before.

Not sure how long the Dinosaur will survive my typing. I pulled the music toy twice to quiet him down. I’m getting closer to finishing the rewrite of this website. Given my to-do list, I’m probably a week or two away from turning it on.

I helped put the Tiger to sleep. She had a poo during her bedtime routine, and used the poo to further delay her sleep. The Doolies called in backup and I stopped her crying and put her to sleep. I feel very accomplished now. The Doolies wanted to clean up some of the dishes before we start our anime watching. We may only watch one or two episodes tonight because it’s so late.

The more days I miss writing these entries, the more difficult it is to write. That tasted almost like a consternation but at least it’s an honest one.

The clear weather allowed the Tiger and I to go stargazing after dinner. After the time change on Saturday night, she probably won’t see many stars until autumn rolls around again.

We finished watching a couple of anime episodes. It’s getting late. The Doolies is complaining about a sore throat. It might have been too cold in our side of the house last night as I woke up with a bit of congestion as well. Hopefully this isn’t the start of a last-minute winter sickness. We’ve had enough of them for one season. Especially with spring right around the corner.