crap about eternity

Monday, January 13, 1997

In all that is known and unknown there remains a constant. A starting and ending point for all that is, all that will be, and all that never existed. It is at this starting point that our quest for truth must begin.

It is. It is forever. It is for eternity. It is for but a moment which lasts forever. It contains. Within It is the majesty, the power of eternity. All things are contained within It, and yet It has no spatial existence. It knows all and within that knowledge all exists.

We exist within a tree which grows within the instant. We perceive the tree as an ant crawling up its branches. But that is not exact. Our perception is like the ant, but the ant which never moves upon a tree which is ever in motion. Our perception is the ant, but our existence is the tree. Our decisions are free within the tree as the ant chooses its path, so must we, but it is only our perception which is changed. What are we but our perception?

The tree makes up a forest, but our paths makes up a design. Each of us contain a divine spark. It is the combination of sparks which ignites the fire which is the design. The pattern is complete in the instant of the tree; our perception moves within the instant, relative to the instant. It is only relative to us, but important nonetheless.

When the sparks combine they set fire to the tree. It is this fire which is the divine purpose. Each spark is a piece of divinity with fire being its purpose. We are free to fulfill or not fulfill that purpose--such is the nature of free will. But, this freedom is limited by our perception. For It, the choice has already been made because the moment has been for eternity. For the ant, the choice is yet to be made, or already just made; either way the choice is free within its perception which is its life.

What are the ant's physical laws but the binds of its perception? Without these chains there would be no need of choice and no fulfillment of purpose. To break these chains is to become the pattern and no longer the ant. The price of this freedom is the failure to fulfill the purpose. Or perhaps the purpose is to remove these chains? Is the purpose fulfilled by the completion of the plan, or is the completion of the plan only an avenue to fulfillment of the real underlying purpose?

What about fires which burn within blackened branches, what is their purpose, and are they moving toward the completion of It's purpose? It would seem that the blackened branch would fall off and wither. But, the decayed branch is caused by a multitude of divine sparks, valuable individually, but more so in packs. What then of their divine purpose? What then of their perception that is evil?

It seems the more one looks at the tree, the more one finds questions about it. As is the way of all things, and why should eternity's riddles be any different?