He drives me mad sometimes

Thursday, May 8, 2008
He drives me mad sometimes

And that's why we built a dogroom. Ziggy and Button have been doing wonderfully. As I mentioned yesterday, they are now fully trained on the invisible fence, and they spend much of their time chasing each other around our front and back yards like crazy dogs, wrestling, and making outrageous turns and jumps. Ziggy changes directions so suddenly that he sometimes falls over. It's great to watch them play: like two oversized rats zipping across our lawn.

Enough about dogs. (Thanks to the aforementioned dogroom, our lives are no longer ruled by them.) The weekend is rapidly approaching, and while the weather turned cold again this week, we're expecting more Spring-like weather next week--we'll keep our fingers crossed.

I managed to eek out a horrible Horrible yesterday. My queue is diminishing rapidly, and if I don't get adrawing, I may have to go on hiatus for a while. As of now, I have 22 doodles in storage, which means another 10 or so weeks of postings. I guess it's not terrible yet--it's only approaching terrible.

We haven't seen "Iron Man" yet, but with all the rave reviews coming from my friends, we plan to hit the theater this weekend. Doolies and I couldn't think of the last time we saw a movie. We won't be able to say that on Monday.

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