I sometimes get carried away

Wednesday, September 5, 2007
I sometimes get carried away

Doolies and I went to see Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix. We were both very excited, and the movie was quite good. The wizard fight at the end was one of the best magic fights I've seen. I'm more convinced than ever that these are books that were written to be watched and not read.

Since I wrote that paragraph I read passed the first book, and started rewatching the movies (yes, I am a Harry Potter addict). While the books are not much deeper than the movies, the differences become more apparent and meaningful in the later books. As with all books, there are more details that fill in the whitespaces in the world. I still think the movies are more enjoyable, but it's best when you combine the two.

Doolies was convinced my original rendition of the wand looked phallic. I explained to her it's very difficult drawing something coming toward the viewer. She nodded in agreement, and again asked why there was a penis sticking out of the wall.

In the posted version, I tried to make it more pointed, and less penis-like.

I'm on the seventh book of the Harry Potter series now. As I said before, she's a very good storyteller. The books don't have the meat of a deep fantasy series, say Robert Jordan's overly long saga, or George R. R. Martin's incredibly original series. But for all its faults, it is a great and addicting read. Ask Doolies, who barely sees me without my nose buried in the middle of a book, waving her off so I can concentrate on finishing the latest chapter.

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