"Many times you didn't know you had a choice until after you chose"

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Another in a long line of philosophy in the morning. The thought came to me and I grabbed a piece of paper to record it before I lost it (I lose many Horribles ideas that way). I was thinking about religious choices and how doing nothing is the same as making the choice against doing something. That morphed into the more general thought that sometimes you make a choice without even thinking about it.

And, yeah, I realize how terribly unoriginal this is. It was more a reflection of my failure to act on what I thought was right than recording a new and clever saying. Before cleverness and intelligence and book-smartness (hehe), there is willpower. Without will, you can do nothing. For all my pretend knowledge, I severely lack that very important aspect.

Originally, I drew a setting sun, but when that didn't look quite right, I replaced it with the cloud bank.

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