If they all insist I'm wrong, how can I not be right?

Monday, August 13, 2007
If they all insist I'm wrong, how can I not be right?

I drew this on my last day of work before my wedding vacation. It was a tough day, probably the lowest point in my career since moving to Seattle.

We were having a high-level meeting with other people in the legal department, and I expected to debate the merits of a legal position, which I believed they had wrong. When we arrived at the meeting, they refused to touch on the legal merits. The decision had been made, and tough noogies was their argument.

Had I not been leaving on vacation the next day, I might have escalated it again. It wasn't that this was such an important decision for the company. It was more that they were not being intellectual honest with their decision. (I know I'm being vague. I don't usually talk about work happenings. I purposefully keep my two worlds separate. And, anyway, trust me, you wouldn't want to hear the details of most of my days.)

So this scary Horribles was the result. While I don't think I was wrong, I wasn't able to sway the decision makers. I guess in that way I was wrong. Live and learn, I guess.

On lighter notes, I'm almost over my cold. It came back with a vengance over the weekend. (Doolies believes I purposefully get sick every weekend.) I'm hoping it stays away, as I'm tired of wearing my sick sweatshirt every night to sleep.

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