That next step is a doozy

Tuesday, August 14, 2007
That next step is a doozy

I drew this after we returned from Doolies's sister's graduation. At Harvard, they wear funny robes with little swirly things on the collars. Since I'm reading the Harry Potter series, it makes me think of Hogswart as everything reminds me of Potter's world. (I hate being a Muggle, by the way.) The trip to Boston was fun. The graduation was a graduation. It feels important, and yet, for all its importance and pomp, it is excrutiatingly tiresome. We did have yummy Japanese food to celebrate.

Jennifer was a bit concerned that I made her look witchy, what with the green skin and red hair. She did dye her hair red, so I had no choice but to draw it that way. The green skin was an afterthought. It's always difficult to figure out what color I should make people. Many times green is my default. I already have the beige, pink, and blue people. Green is the big missing one.

Ziggy was amazing yesterday. He learned to sit (sometimes--mostly when he wanted a treat, regardless if we asked), and even walked to the park without us having to drag him. He's still not properly housetrained, but he is getting better. While running up the hill after our park walk, I accidentally stepped on his foot when he crossed in front of me. Ziggy is a small dog, and there were lots of warnings about how delicate Italian Greyhound's legs are. He yelped for a good three minutes, and it left a nasty cut on his toe. I spoke with Dr. Julie, and she assured me he would survive. Barely.

We finally hit another nice week of sunshine in Seattle. I was concerned that summer had passed us already. I may even bike sometime this week. I'm a bit nervous: I feel my muscles attrophying even as my appetitie dissappears. I'm destined to be overly skinny, and to hear about how bad I eat everytime I see my mother or Doolies's parents. We all have our issues, I guess.

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