Rejected again

Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Rejected again

My first comic! Well, it's kind of "mine." I based it on one of the panels in Scott McCloud's excellent book Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art. Besides learning how squiggly lines transform into story and emotion, I also learned that what I draw Scott does not considered a "comic." He spends the first part of the book defining what a comic is (the definition is in the first panel). Now that I consider it, this is the first graphic novel I read: it is written/drawn beautifully in the style of a long (and insightful) comic.

It turns out that one-panel drawings are not comics because nothing changes. All of the action is inferred from before or after the panel. Of course, seeing as I never pretended to tell a story in the Horribles, there's nothing that needs to be inferred. It's simple thoughts or happenings that I color.

I have wanted to take the plunge and draw more multi-panel drawings, or comics, perhaps a web comic, if you will. I haven't, though. I'm not sure I can even put together a story arc worth telling. I guess there's a challenge for me. I have been looking for subjects to draw. I grow tired of doodles like the last one I posted, where nothing happens and I have no ideas worth sharing.

Like most of my plans/dreams, I expect this one to end up an empty promise on an unvisited website.

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