There are some dreams I can never give up

Sunday, September 23, 2007
There are some dreams I can never give up

Every few years, I get the video game bug. This is not the play video game bug, which is a more constant companion. This is the write a video game and become a video game publisher--the dream usually involves lots of bags with hand-drawn dollar signs, and a large house somewhere. I usually see myself sitting on a beach thinking big thoughts, while the programming happens somewhere else, with only small amounts of input from me. That is, once I get it up and running.

This time I attempted to write a game in Javascript. The graphics in this doodle are what's left of the game. I managed to create a large, scrolling map, and fully moveable (and freely rotatable in 360 degrees) Horribles. I even added rudimentary network play, where a server allows multiple Horribles to run around the scrollable map.

What I didn't have the patience for was all the planning and programming that the game needed to work. I also had second thoughts about Javascript. While I did find some interesting games written in Javascript, it does have severe limitations, not to mention platform inconsistencies.

In the end, I decided to return to doodling, and (I keep pretending) writing. And then there's my real job, the one that keeps me knee deep in toys and video games. I need to spend time on that as well.

Until next time I get bit by the game programming bug....

I was going to post another Ziggy doodle, but I decided to spread out the Ziggies. There are only so many Ziggies I can handle, and I imagine you're the same.

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