There is much we need to talk about

Thursday, September 20, 2007
There is much we need to talk about

Ziggy! I have a love/hate relationship with Ziggy. When he's a good dog, he's a great dog. He's fun to watch run at top speed in the dog park, great to cuddle with while watching movies or drawing doodles...of Ziggy, fun to take on a hike as he insists on saying hello to every person or dog that comes near him.

But there are times when I regret taking him home: when he's biting my hand, running around like a crazy animal, peeing on the carpet, refusing to do his business outside, stopping us from going away, shivering in his dog house (okay, that's more of a guilt thing than a bad dog thing).

I guess it's like any relationship: there is the good and the bad. He has gotten much better since we took him home. We still haven't figured out where to keep him, as being a porch dog in the winter may grow more difficult once the rain and cold set in.

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