They all greet the day

Wednesday, August 1, 2007
They all greet the day

There are some doodles I don't want to post. They sit in my postable list until I break down and throw them up. This one started as a terrible drawing of the camel. You can see him way in the back. After I finished him, I kept shrinking it until it looked good. Trust me, if I could have made it smaller and made it recognizable as a camel, I would have.

Ziggy was a bit better today. I was trying to convince Doolies to sell him again, but she held strong. He managed to pee outside, and we moved his home from our second bedroom to the second-floor porch. He'll be fine in the summer, but I'm afraid what will happen once it gets cool.

We signed up for dog classes this weekend. If nothing else, Doolies and I have a lot to learn.

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