To clear up the confusion

Tuesday, July 31, 2007
To clear up the confusion

Today's work was the result of my posting this doodle about a month before our wedding. My mother immediately called:


"Yes, mom?"

"Is there something you're not telling me."

"There's lots I'm not telling you."

"I'm talking about your drawing yesterday, the one with the parachute. Is Doolies, you know?"


"No, pregnant?"


"Well, you drew someone dropping in a parachute, and I was thinking you might be trying to tell us something--you know, subconsciously."

I failed, clearly. After all this time, nobody has a clue who's who. For the record, I'm the beige one, Doolies is the pink one, and the blue guy is the philosopher, a combination of my friends. Doolies was dropping in on my life. I decided to draw this picture as way of explanation.

So, thanks to that conversation, I bring you the ultimate guide to the Cast of Horribles, pre-marriage and pre-Ziggy.

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